No matter who you are or what your experience we welcome you

  • Rehearsals

    We are a community choir and welcome all singers 18 years and over regardless of their ethnicity, religion, cultural heritage, ability and sexual orientation.

    The Upbeat Boyz is a non-audition choir.

    We offer voice assessments after the first 3 free rehearsals to new members who wish to determine which voice section they would be best suited to (Tenor, Baritone etc).

    From the get-go, new members will be given access to our Members Only Team App which gives access to audio learning files, sheet music to print at home, rehearsal RSVPs, push notifications and lots more.


    Fill in the EOI form <HERE> and someone will contact you to welcome you our next rehearsal.



    Regular Rehearsals: The Upbeat Boyz rehearse every week on Monday evenings from 7:00-9:30pm at the Metropolitan Community Church in Petersham.
    For the exact location please scroll down to the embedded map.


    On the Members' Portal (TeamApp) all singers are required to RSVP at least 30 minutes before each rehearsal and attendance will be taken upon arrival.

    Rehearsals will usually start with a short physical warm up then a vocal warm up applying singing technique and song repertoire. There is a lot to learn and memorise for each concert so we expect everyone to put in extra practise hours at home to avoid last minute panic and pressure.


    The rehearsal time is very precious and everyone works hard but at the same time it is a great place to make new friends and enjoy the art of singing.


    Additional Rehearsals: Leading up to a concert performance it is often necessary to plan in some additional rehearsals as we hone and polish our material (including some chory!) for the opening show. These additional rehearsals are planned in advance and will be on the Members TeamApp Calendar (which can be subscribed to).


    Absences: To ensure the best possible outcome at performances our attendance policy requires attending at least 75% of rehearsals during each concert period. Sectional (voice-part) rehearsals are also planned in by the section-leaders.


    Season Break: We take a break from XXX to XXXX


    Fees: Our current fees are $230 full membership or $150 concession per semester (half-year). As a volunteer membership organisation, we raise all of our own funds from membership fees, fundraising, advertising, ticket sales, etc. to pay for music, musical director, accompanist, rehearsal space, costumes, performance space and all operational expenses. New members joining midway a season will have pro-rata fees.


    For those who need financial assistance we offer the half-yearly fee to be paid in 2 instalments.

    1. Complete our EOI form

    Note: Answers are confidential and are purely used to gauge the level of singers in general

    2. Someone will get back to you via email
    Access our "Members Only" portal, containing learning audio files, sheet music and more...

    3. Come and try us out absolutely free for 3 rehearsals

    4. After 3 rehearsals you can now become a full member and pay your Season M'ship.

    Membership fees are accessed and paid through the Members Porrtal/App

    Team App is our members' portal

    Click on the image above to be taken there in a new tab

  • RehearsalS

    Rehearsals are every Monday evening
    at the Metropolitan Community Church, 96 Chrystal St, Petersham
    from 7pm-9.30pm with a 15/20 minute tea break.

  • FAQ

    Your questions, answered.

    How much singing experience do I need to join?

    Singing experience is not required to join. All we expect is that you can hold a tune.

    You are not expected to be able to read music but if you can, it helps.

    What do I bring to rehearsals

    Bring a water bottle, pencil and a good attitude!

    I'm new to singing and don't know which voice section to sit with

    That's fine. When you arrive, sit in a section you think you are, and later you can ask for a voice assessment if you think you are in the wrong place.

    Where do I find the sheet music?

    All sheet music can be found in the Members' TeamApp. It is expected that you print the music at home and bring it to rehearsal, every week.

    How do I join the Members' Portal, TeamApp?

    If you have submitted an EOI form from this website, we will send you an email inviting you to join our TeamApp and instructions on how to do this.


    When am I expected to pay my membership and how do I do this?

    Membership fees are to be paid after you have attended 3 rehearsals. Thereafter they are paid every half-year or pro-rata depending on when you joined.

    We only accept online payment and you can do this securely (via Stripe) through the Members' TeamApp.

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